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ALICE A1009A Multifunctional Strings Winder & Cutter Set

ALICE A1009A Multifunctional Strings Winder & Cutter Set

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About this ALICE A1009A Multifunctional Strings Winder & Cutter Set 

The A1009A includes a string cutter and Multifunctional String Winder. Allows you to cut off any excess string length when restringing your guitar. The String Winder allows quickly wind the tuning pegs for easy removal and tuning of the strings. The String winder can also assist in the removal of bridge pins to ensure that no damage is dealt to the bridge. Ergonomically designed and small enough to be put into your guitar case.

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Brand:- Alice

Model:- A1009A


ALICE A1009A Multifunctional Strings Winder & Cutt

By: on 2 July 2020
Delivery was fast and the quality of the product was great! Really satisfied with this purchase!

Cost effective essentials!

By: on 18 July 2019
Awesome quality, easy to use, makes life as a struggling guitarist just a little bit easier!

Nice product

By: on 12 January 2019
I had a winder for my guitar but it went walkabout at some point, and I thought this was a good price, especially with the string cutter. Winder does its job. Sure, not electric, but I don't think i'd really bother with an electric winder unless I was changing a LOT of strings. A hand winder is great. Now, the cutter. It does tend to stick a little, you need two hands to open it up after cutting, but I find I can cut the strings much closer to the tuner than with my pliers or my leatherman i'd normally use. Less scratchy wire is a good thing.

String Winder and cutter set

By: on 2 November 2018
Good service and prompt delivery. Product works well

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