Artist AG105RD Electric Bass Guitar Plus Accessories - Solid Red

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Artist AG105RD Electric Bass Guitar Plus Accessories - Solid Red

This is a great looking and sounding Bass, perfect for players who want greater control over their sound. Just check out its features then have a look at its price!

  • Active pickups for superior control of your sound.
  • 2-band cut/boost EQ
  • Diecast chrome hardware
  • Maple neck

It includes all accessories you need to get started:

  • AG105RD Bass Guitar
  • Electronic Guitar Tuner
  • Strap
  • Bag
  • Lead
  • Picks

Don't have an amp?  Check out our Electric Guitar Pack including everything here + a bass amp.


The Tech Features

Model:- AG105RD

Neck:- Truss Rod, Scale Length 34", 43mm Nut, 20 Frets,

Woods :- Body - Poplar with Basswood Veneer,  Fingerboard -  Eco-Rosewood, Neck - Maple

Machine Heads:- Die-cast Chrome

Bridge:- Fixed

Controls :- Active Pickups, Volume, Tone and a combined treble/bass control (treble on the top, bass on the bottom) - Chrome Knobs

Included Accessories:- Neck adjustment Allen Key, Guitar Lead, 2 x Picks

Bonus Accessories:- Bag, Strap & Electronic Tuner

Colour and Finish:- Gloss Red


A nice guitar at a great price.

By: David H. on 24 July 2018
I am very pleasantly surprised with this bass. Bass is not my primary instrument so I didn't want to spend a lot and decided to take a chance. It looks good, feels good, and sounds ok with the original strings through the little practice amp that I picked up as well. It seems to hold its tune well despite being new. The action is the way that I like it so all I had to do was tune her up and go. If they are all like that it is a great bass for a beginner. It's hard enough to learn without fighting the instrument as well. It's fun to play. Whenever I walk past I want to pick it up and play which I guess is the ultimate test. A good instrument at an unbelievable price, especially with the other stuff thrown in. Definitely recommended.


By: Jim on 22 April 2018
Ok to start this off, i need to say this bass thumps.The pickups are phenomenal and easily blow the EMG 35CS/JCS's I have in my ESP EC400 by a long way. They are super rich and very bright.This bass also comes with a split pot (treble and bass) to dial in your tone, much like coil tapping on passive. The control knobs also have international indentations at the 12 o'clock mark for easy feel reference. The body is solid and the neck is really smooth to play, it almost has a nitro feel to it. From the factory the action is super low and very playable right out of the box (from the way it's setup out of the box I have a feeling they have been set up professionally prior to shipping) I have it tuned to drop c permanently and it required no adjustments to the truss or bridge and there is zero fret buzz in that low if a tuning.The tuners i would say are the only let down, they hold tune no worries, but just feel cheaper then the rest of the bass. Apart from that i have no issues. Overall, it's a great buy and with the added extras its a bargain.

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