Artist ATB005 Single-Ring Half Moon Tambourine - Black

About This Tambourine

Black Single-Ring Half Moon Tambourine.  The perfect addition to any drummer's kit.  If you're playing live or planning to record, you can't go past the tambourine.


The Tech Features

Model :- ATB005

Jingles :-  7 Pairs



Half Moon Tambourine - Black

By: Manohar on 18 June 2020
Excellent value for money and the speediest purchase I have ever made on TradeMe

The grip was the selling point

By: Phil Kirby on 5 April 2018
I purchased one of these a few weeks ago. What interested me was the grip. It looked way more comfortable than most of the cheap ones on ebay. Sure enough, I can hold it easily and comfortably. Great service and a great price, with free shipping. Can't go wrong.

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