Artist BST45130 5 String Bass Nickel Roundwound Strings

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About These Strings


These are budget quality Nickel Wound Bass Strings to suit 5 string Bass's, for the player who has lots of gigs and needs to keep costs down. They are perfect for 1-2 gigs.

They are also perfect for that Bass Player who is beginning and needs to stay under a budget as other more known Bass Strings are $30 or above per set. 


The Tech Features

Model :- BST45130

Type :- Nickel round wound

Gauge :- Medium 45-130


Very happy

By: Julian on 12 May 2020
This is my first fretless, and wasn't sure what to expect. What I got was a beautifully made instrument that's even easier to play than a fretted bass, with amazing sustain and sounds just like you would expect it to. I can't put it down! The only reason I gave 4 stars is for the electronics, but it's nothing that can't be addressed after market, and still come out cheaper than buying a big brand.

5 string bass strings

By: Allan Shephard on 26 July 2019
I used the thickest 4 strings from this 5 string set to turn transform a cheap 4 string bass. Now I have a low B to match my Ibanez Universe. Haha. These are some smooth strings too. A world of difference over the rough and nasty stock strings.

Bass strings

By: Gavin Todhunter on 29 January 2019
Great strings been buying them for over a year used in recordings and at gigs for the price it's worth trying them for yourself

Bass Strings

By: Jason Brooks on 9 November 2018
I have been using Artist strings for awhile now, with gigging most weekends, they haven't lost any freshness, and sound great.

Great Value for the Money

By: Shawn Mawer on 1 April 2018
Surprisingly good strings tor the price. They wound on and tuned up OK. Seem to intonate OK. Havent had them long enough to see how well they will wear though.

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