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Artist GA10X 10 Watt Guitar Practice Amplifier with MP3 input

Artist GA10X 10 Watt Guitar Practice Amplifier with MP3 input

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Artist GA10X 10 Watt Guitar Practice Amplifier with MP3 input

This is a great sounding 10 Watt guitar amp, perfect for practising at home or jamming with friends.  

Features include selectable channels, clean channel and distortion channel with one 3-band EQ. The Clean channel provides a crystal clear sound for country and jazz tones, whilst the distortion channel provides everything from a light smooth break up for blues through to crushing Heavy Metal and Hardcore tones for those palm muted chunky rhythms and searing solos!

It also has a headphone socket so you can play along without waking the neighbours, and MP3 input.

The Tech Features

Model: GA10X

Power: 10W RMS 

Speaker Size: 6 inch

GA10X Front Panel Functions:

Input - This is the 1/4 inch guitar only jack input. 

Volume - Controls the volume level of both Clean and Overdrive channels.

Drive Select -  This is a Channel Switch that selects between Clean Channel, or Overdrive Channel.

Gain - Controls the gain level for the OverDrive channel only. As the amount of gain increases so will the Overdrive/distortion level in your sound. Use moderate levels for Blues and light rock, and maximum gain for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal styles.  

Treble - Controls the high frequency of the guitar tone, making your guitar sound brighter when increased.

Middle - Dictates the middle frequency of the amplifier. Turning this up will make your guitar sound fatter, ideal for Blues and Punk. Conversely reducing the amount of middle in your tone will result in a sharper and thinner guitar sound for the classic scooped Heavy Metal tone.

Bass - Controls the amount of low frequency or bottom end in your tone. The more you increase, the more punch you will add. If your sound sounds too muddy then decrease this control to Tighten your sound.

Mini Jack AUX input -  3.5mm input to plug in your favourite MP3 player

Mini Jack Headphone Jack - 3.5 mm input to plug your headphones in for silent practice

Power Switch -  On / Off Switch for mains power to the amplifier.

Dimensions - 26cm(W) x 29cm(H) x 14cm(D)

Power Plug: (See our blog post for more details)

  • AU & NZ: 240V with AU/NZ Plug
  • UK: 230V with UK plug (with a fuse in the plug)
  • USA: 120V with USA 3 pin plug 


Replacement Amp

By: on 27 July 2021
Awesome service, we had an amp that was faulty and it was replaced very quickly with absolutely no fuss. Again Awesome service. Well done team
By: Artist Guitars
Thanks for the kind words and we're happy to hear that you're happy with your replacement amp. Cheers

Very pleased

By: on 27 March 2020
I’m 78, two years ago I had a stroke which has limited the ability of my left hand to perform as it should. However, one should not let these minor things in life stop one from learning and achieving new things. To this purpose I decided to buy a lap steel guitar and learn it. I needed an amplifier and Artistic Guitars were able to provide this for me. Their service and assistance was first class.

Artist GA10X 10 Watt Guitar Practice Amplifier wit

By: on 20 September 2019
Great Amp for the price I paid..

Big sound in a small package

By: on 24 August 2019
Surprisingly good sound and plenty of volume in a very compact package


By: on 11 April 2019
It's good for the price

GA10X 10 watt amp

By: on 10 January 2019
Got this in a package deal with the LP60 and glad I did. Perfect for practising at home but with a great sound clean and in o/d. No more lugging my big amp around the house so as not to upset the family. Headphone socket and usb means I can jam along to my playlist and get my timing right. Great little amp.


By: on 27 October 2018
Amazing amp for the price. Extremely easy to use and better than i imagined it would be quality wise.

Very Pleased

By: on 4 August 2018
After complications with my order staff from artist guitars were quick to give me the help I needed. The amp is a very good handy amp, with a simple set up.

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