Artist MD200EQ+C Mandolin with Pickup and Hard Case -Red Sunburst

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Artist MD100 Red Sunburst Mandolin

This is the classic Tear Drop Shaped Mandolin with F-holes and our most popular model.  Made with Laminated Basswood for its body and Rosewood Fingerboard and bridge, this definitely is an affordable mandolin without any compromise to its tone. It features geared machine heads for accurate and spot-on tuning. You would pay upwards of $499 for a deal like this in a retail store.


  • Teardrop Shape
  • Body is constructed from Laminated Basswood
  • Solid Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Geared Machine heads
  • Includes either a free Foam Hard Case or a Hard Case

Would you prefer this with a built-in preamp for plugging into an amp or PA system? Check out our MD200CEQ!

The Tech Features

Brand:- Artist

Model :- MD100

Body :- Tear drop shape

Woods :- Laminated Basswood

Neck:- Wood - Okoumen, 13.7" Scale Length, 22-24.5mm Thickness

Fretboard:- Rosewood, 28mm ABS Plastic Nut

Frets:- 20 frets, 1mm 1.6 White Copper Fretwires

Bridge:- Solid Rosewood with ABS Plastic Saddle

Machine Heads :- Geared Machine heads


  • Body and Fretboard - White Binding
  • Front - 5 line White Binding

Colour :- Red Sunburst

Included Case:- Hard Case



By: Stephen Kennedy on 23 September 2020
I am a professional musician with over 30 years experience in gigging and playing in bands. I play the guitar but have just started on the mandolin. I bought this product because it has a built in pick up and is ready to rock. It arrived in mint condition, well packaged and safe. The case is excellent.... keys for locking and 3 sturdy locking mechanisms. It is strong and well padded. The mandolin exceeds my expectations. The tuning mechanisms are flawless... strings stay in tune for a long time. The strings are great and I was prepared to replace them with higher quality strings but actually they're sweet in tone and sustain. The frets are perfect and the action is adjustable anyways (I like it lowered as much as possible!). The bridge is sturdy and reliable. The pick up is great... it has a tone and volume control that provide a wide range of tonal effect (I run this mandolin into a Marshall 1/2 stack JVM210h with 11 effects on the pedal board!). The mandolin is finished in high quality gloss and looks great. I added my own strap locking pins as I play standing up on stage. (It did not come with strap pins. So what's it like to play? It has a crisp clear tone and lots of sustain. I play songs like Wagon Wheel (the mando obviously lends itself to violin parts and a country feel) and folksy rock stuff like Led Zep and Maggie May. I say this because both styles of playing (picking individual strings for melody lines AND strumming chord shapes) are clear and strong. Yes there's much dearer and better quality mandos out there but hey, I would buy this mando again if I had to, and I recommend it to people looking for a cool new way to make music. Awesome price without sacrificing quality.


By: Denny on 10 September 2020
Despite ordering it during Covid lockdown, it came quicker than I expected it. Decent Prize and Decent Quality. Only complaint would probably be it doesn't come with a strap (but had some spare materials lying around to make a strap).

Awesome mandolin

By: dan on 30 May 2019
I was really impressed by the mandolin. Quality for a low price.


By: Ross on 14 February 2019
More than happy with my new mandolin, great quality for the money , would certainly trade again

Great Instrument

By: Caroline Reed on 19 January 2019
Once again, Artist Guitars were very prompt with delivery. I don't live in the metro area but my Mandolin arrived in under 48 hours. The instrument itself is better than the picture shows and is fantastic value for money. Quality and sound is very good.

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