Artist MP110 Rocket Boost Clean Boost Micro Guitar Effects Pedal

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About this Artist MP110 Rocket Boost Clean Boost Micro Guitar Effects Pedal

The Rocket Boost micro effects pedal provides a clean boost to your signal without adding any colouration.  There is a Drive control so that you can add a bit of grit to your clean signal.  There are also Low and High frequency controls so you can tweak the EQ settings to your personal preferences, providing a much greater range of tones.


The Tech Specs

Model :-  MP110 Rocket Boost

Controls :-  Volume, Drive, High, Low

Dimensions :-  73mm(L) x 38mm(W) x 50mm(H)



By: David on 24 May 2019
This pedal was just what I was after. I play a stratacoustic and just needed an extra boost in some parts of songs. This pedal gives a clean boost. (Although you can get varied adjustments to suit your preferences). Highly recommended... great price ... and of course the service and delivery were 1st class yet again

Excellent micro boost

By: Alan on 13 June 2018
Just bought my second one of these (I have multiple pedalboards for various instruments). Excellent little (and I do mean little!) boost pedal. ..... What I particularly like: (a) Tiny dimensions take up almost no space on a crowded pedalboard (2) Hinged cover over the controls means that your favourite settings are not likely to be inadvertently disturbed in transit (3) Provision of properly-shaped velcro strips you can stick on the bottom of the pedal to facilitate easy attachment to your board. ..... What I don't like: Nothing — this pedal is a winner, AG!

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