Artist STDIY Do it Yourself Guitar Kit

About this Artist STDIY Do it Yourself Guitar Kit

Get behind the invention of a famous guitar and build your very OWN version with this ready-to-go kit. The bodies and necks are unfinished and don't have any basecoat which allows you to spray the body whatever paint type and colour you choose. You might also like to reshape the headstock but always remember that reshaping requires effort time and consideration.

The kit includes a  ready-to-spray unbound bolt-on-neck, an unfinished body, three single-coil ceramic pickups loaded on to a white scratchplate, three pots, white coloured knobs, chrome-plated tremolo bridge, strings.

These kits are full size.

The Tech Features

Brand:- Artist

Model:- ST KIT


  • 1x Solid African Alder Body
  • 1x Maple Neck with Eco-Rosewood Fretboard, 
  • High-End Eco-Rosewood Fretboard with 1.1mm 2.6 White Copper Fretiwires
  • Scale Length:-  648mm
  • Nut Width:-  42mm ABS Plastic

Pickups:- 3 x Ceramic, Single Coil Pickups that are preloaded onto the scratchplate (all screws supplied)

Neckplate:- Stainless Steel (screws supplied)

Bridge:- Stainless Steel 

Saddles:- individual stainless steel

Tremolo Block:- 5 spring, 2 bolt claw

Strings:- ELST1046



Strat type guitar kit.

By: Gaz Ashurst on 4 November 2019
Very speedy delivery. Packaging was very strong, you would literally have to jump on the box a few times to affect the contents, this is not recommended by the way. The African Alder body on the one I received appeared to be a single piece or a very well matched 2 piece... but it did look one piece to me. It was sanded to a fine level and would need minimal if any sanding before putting on a translucent coating like a 2 or 3 tone Sunburst or tint and clear coat/Shellac/lacquer etc. It looks as if it would take a primer coat and solid colour coat in the supplied state with just a wipe with a Tack Cloth. The fret work was of a high quality with no sharp edges and visually quite level, all the frets were inserted correctly and flush with the fingerboard with no gaps. The neck is Maple and has a pleasing profile to it. The Eco-Rosewood Fretboard has an almost Ebony shot with dark Orange longitudinal lines to it, an appearance that give it the initial look of being made of 'Snake Wood'. The feel of this fretboard is smooth and well finished under the fingers. The hardware is no worse than you may expect from any present Asian made instrument, certainly as good as Epiphone, and although totally functional there are always those people who must retro-fit the best on offer from the big manufacturers at premium cost while knocking the supplied hardware but as I have said there is nothing wrong with the supplied hardware and electronics at all. All the holes are predrilled for you and Allen keys supplied to adjust the truss rod and saddle height. All in all you'd have to look long and hard to equal the kit I received and even longer and harder to better it. For the price (which includes delivery), it's impossible to go wrong. n.b. I'd spend a few more $'s and chuck in a set of Ernie Balls 9-46, Fender 9-46 or some other branded strings. Strings supplied are adequate but not packeted so no idea what they are.

Good experience

By: steve williams on 16 October 2019
The photo of the parts shows a pack of string which was NOT included and there were some screws left over (and a few missing) but nothing dramatic. Body was well prepared for painting and the neck fit was spot on so guitar has a nice low action and stays in tune. My son plays this as much as the Ibanez I bought him for his birthday. Well worth the money.

Blown Away

By: Michael on 6 September 2019
This thing wails, it weeps, it SPANKS! I bought it looking for a cheap everyday play, put it together in an afternoon (made me want to become a luthier), super surprised with how well it all came together, no touch ups or sanding down needed, no soldering, just screwing in screws and you're good to go! Might've got the floating bridge tension a bit wrong, but it stays in tune after a few hours and by golly is this such a beautiful guitar and amazing value for money! THANKS ARTIST YOU CHAMPS

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