Belcat FST22 Latching Footswitch for Amplifiers

About this Belcat FST22 Amplifier Latching Foot Switch 

This is a simple latching foot switch for channel switching of your amp.

A Latching foot switch will remain on once pressed down, unlike a non-latching foot switch which will remain in the "on" status only for as long as you depress the switch.  

Note: This is not suitable for keyboard sustain or a drum sample pedal.


Tech Features

Model: FST22

Brand: Belcat

Channel Switch: 1 (mono signal)

Cable Length: 1.4m


Does What It Says On The Tin

By: Matthew on 30 August 2019
Got mine with an amp from here. This pedal is functional but fragile. If you're kind to it (especially if you're a home-gamer and don't gig with it) it'll last just fine. Definitely not good for a primary switch on a gigging amp but a great backup or home-job.

Latching seitch

By: Peter nrwell on 10 January 2019
I think ,1.3 metre cable is a bit short

Love it !!!

By: Ronny on 10 January 2019
It works well, Good quality and easy to carry. Really love it. Thx artist guitar !!

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