Xvive T1 Golden Brownie Overdrive Pedal

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The Golden Brownie is like a vintage Marshall JCM 800 in a box. If you want high gain hard rock 80 tones then this is the pedal for you. The Golden Brownie features an easy to control gain function. It has an unbelievable overdrive range and is perfect for head-on heavy grind applications. The Pres (presence) knob adds versatile tweaking ability that transforms any amp into a fire breathing hellhound!  The Tone knob is all about the blues and soul. Turned down, it is time to rock and turned up it is time to sing some blues.


Tech Specs

Model: T1  Golden Brownie 

  • Input Impedance:  500K
  • Output Impedance:  <12k
  • Noise Floor:  <-80dB
  • Current Draw:  5 mA
  • Hardwire Bypass
  • Power Supply:  9V DC power supply(not included)


Golden Brownie guitar pedal

By: phil brass on 12 May 2020
Easily the best $39 I have ever spent in my never-ending guitar gear spend-up...….I know this item was on special but even at full retail is stupid to not have one on every pedal-board in existence.

Great pedal at a great price

By: Doug on 8 August 2019
What a fantastic little box this is - especially for the price. The downsides of it being too small for my liking and not being able to take a battery (you can't always get spare power sockets at some gigs) is made up for by the big sounds coming from it. Very impressive- and very clear. It overdrives my bass brilliantly, and I can easily use it on my guitars, too. Good, solid build quality, as well. Absolutely excellent customer service (as always) from Artist, too. Highly recommended. Only 4 stars due to the lack of battery capability - not because of the sound - otherwise it would be 5.

Golden brownie is Golden!

By: Josh Dennis on 29 June 2019
This is hands-down the best sounding high gain drive I have owned. Full sound, but crystal clear notes. Cuts through the mix. Tone shaping options are very broad. It really nails that JCM800 sound. Best $39 I’ve ever spend on guitar gear.


By: Stuart on 7 May 2019
Please believe EVERYTHING the other reviewers have said. Junk your other well known brands, this little baby will definitely change the way you think about where your money is going!


By: Rod Miller on 31 January 2019
I ordered the Golden Brownie after watching a Brett Kingman YouTube demo. I have been playing for 40 years, and have played a couple of thousand live shows. I have owned/used/still use a palette of gain stages for my sound: TS9, Ulbrick 12AXE, Blues Breaker, Clean boost etc. I have built amps & pedals and used rigs all over Australia. I ordered the Xvive T1 Golden Brownie from Artist Guitars and it arrived two days later (thanks guys!). First impressions: well packaged, hefty enclosure and solid knobs for a small pedal - in fact the most robust small footprint pedal I have (and I have a half dozen). Plug in Les Paul Junior - Xvive Golden Brownie- 30 watt valve combo and we are instantly rocking. This brings the JCM800 to the party. Heaps of gain on tap, but roll back the guitar volume and it cleans up neatly. It took me a while to switch guitars because I was having fun, winding the gain and adjusting the "bite" with the Tone and Presence controls. Plug in the Strat and we are in vintage rock heaven - variable gain, single coils and very little noise. An hour later, I plugged in a 1978 Les Paul Custom and was able to go from Plexi mode to JCM800 easily. I have owned both of these amps and used them live. I have bought, built, sold and swapped many brown-sound-in-a-boxes and this will be going on my pedalboard for live gigs. At this price, I will get another one for the studio....and maybe another one for a spare....and maybe another one, just in case they stop making them!

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