Xvive W3 Memory Analog Delay Pedal

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Xvive W3 Memory Analog Delay Pedal

The Memory Recall Analog Delay was designed in the USA by our Chief Design Engineer, Howard Davis.  Mr. Davis was the guitar effects guru behind the wildly successful Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe in the latter part of the 20th century.  The older models of the Memory Man Deluxe are coveted by musicians because of its pure analog tone due to a chip design (the 3005)  that was subsequently retired. It was acknowledged as among the best if not THE best analog delay pedal. XVIVE Audio has spent several years in development designing and refining a new analog Bucket Brigade Device that rivals the old 3005 in every way but size and cost.  We are very proud to introduce the Memory Analog Delay pedal based on this proprietary chip design.

The new XVIVE Audio Memory Analog Delay is an analog delay with a rich organic tone that that can easily be shaped by an intuitive process.  The flexibility of adding echo, delay, chorus, vibrato, etc. make the Memory Analog Delay a must have on any effects board.  Its small size and low cost make it an easy decision to own.


The Tech Features

Model: W3 Memory Recall

  • XVIVE Audio proprietary chip design (3005XVIVE BBD).
  • Delay time control.
  • Up to 600 msec of delay time
  • Buffered bypass with a 900K input impedance
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Feedback control
  • Input drive gain control
  • Bypass and effect-on signal levels act in tandem
  • Adjustable Blend control
  • Complex Rich Modulation
  • Adjustable modulation speed and depth
  • High-tech filtering and noise reduction circuitry
  • True stereo outputs


Optional Power Supply :- 9V DC (at least 150ma), center negative polarity.  We sell a wide range of power supplies.

This pedal does not run on a 9V battery.


Great Features

By: Anthony on 6 June 2019
Xvive W3 is a well designed Pedal, good buffer and preamp drive which can clean up the Pedal chain. Modulations are very nice, delays o.k too, and a nice Stereo effect I tested out tonight. 4.5 stars on price and features some other pedals leave out. Old Boss Knobs would be a nice Addition, I say that with every pedal.

Accidental purchase..!

By: Mick on 23 March 2019
I had this unit in my wishlist & at some stage I must have put it into my shopping cart but forgot to remove it. So....next time I went to make a purchase, i realized that because it was previously in my cart, it was included in my purchase..! No big deal....i was eventually going to get it anyway & glad I did..! Sounds great, looks great & super fast delivery as always. Very happy, accidental purchase..!


By: Stu on 9 November 2018
Not sure which pedal previous reviewer was talking about, but it does work with just the modulation and no delay, and has a great gain using just the modulation. Fucking muppets need to learn how to use product and amp . Ohh and helps if you can play

New Icon

By: Sarah on 9 November 2018
Are you looking for a lofi/analogue delay for shoegaze and ambient guitar? Get this pedal. Saturated tape sounding repeats that break up when you use the drive control and modulation switch. Cleaner bucket brigade type analogue without these dialled in. Max delay time is 600ms which is about 100bpm (using quarter notes), so you can create chilled out guitar lines that loop over themselves without getting messy when the feedback level is set to 3 o'clock. As the product details state, this is a pedal that revives the original Deluxe Memory Man but with some extras. I like that the repeats seem to be a little bit unpredictable. If you want a cleaner sounding digital delay, this is not the product for you. Five stars but I wish the external switch was for tap tempo instead of expression control. Artist delivered this to me within about a day, super impressive as per usual. AfterPay is killing me though because it means I can get everything I want!

Versatile little unit

By: Steve on 20 April 2018
This is a great little analogue delay with added modulation effects, (note that whilst you can use the delay section without modulation you can only use the modulation with the delay,- not a deal-breaker).The control layout is logical and the size and colours used make for easy to see settings on stage, unlike many micro pedals, ideal for a half-blind old-timer like me,lol.Set delay and feedback times short and you're in rockabilly heaven, go the other way and dial in some swirly modulation and you're off in shoe-gaze la-la land, with everything else somewhere in between, and there's plenty of ...erm...' hands on knobs' action to experiment with. I love the edge of runaway (and beyond) of analogue delays and this one does not disappoint, allowing for wild and trippy, synthy , 'out there' noise-mode sounds to be had.I've only given it 4 out of five (there was no option for a 4.5), as I felt it did mess with my tone a little, but only because I'm super fussy about my tone, having said that, I use it all the time and am very happy with it, for the price it's great value for money imho, - ymmv.

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