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I have over seven years’ experience teaching guitar and bass, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I teach guitar, focusing on what your goal is, whether that’s basic guitar skills, singing and playing the latest pop songs, or learning to read ‘proper’ music.

Typical Student Profile:

Most of my students are school age and want to play the latest pop songs. A few of them now write their own songs and perform as buskers!

Where I Teach:

You just have to tune up and practice, I come to your home and teach, so you don’t have any travel headaches!
Generally, I teach in the Curl Curl/ Freshwater area, but I do run tuition up to around 5kms away.

How I teach:

I arrange all my own music, so that I can provide material at the right level for you.
Accordingly, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ MUSIC! I can provide learning materials which comprise:
Tablature BigTab Chord Charts
Ezy Notes (note names in the head of the notes)
Standard Notation (if you want it!)

In the Near Future:

Keep an eye on my site, listed below, where I will provide updates to new services, including:

On-line learning Silverlight

E-books ePub standard

Subscriptions to my library of arrangements (400+ pieces so far)

Contact Details:

Phone: 0425 279 675