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Artist TN100 Chromatic Clip on Guitar Tuner

Artist TN100 Chromatic Clip on Guitar Tuner

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Artist TN100 Chromatic Clip on Guitar Tuner

The Artist TN100 is our go-to for clip on tuners and one of our highest sellers. This tuner is exceptionally accurate and the pitch cursor stability is steadier than many other tuners at this price point. It has full 360 degree articulation meaning you can tune at any angle. The TN100 was tested and compared against many samples and other brands when developing this product. We found this stood out among the best clip on tuners on the market for a fraction of the price.

The TN100 has 4 modes including Guitar, Ukulele and Bass, but this doesn't mean this can only be used for these 3 instruments. This tuner also has a chromatic mode, which allows you to tune most stringed instruments and can tune to many alternate tunings. A rarity for tuners in this price range is wide frequency response meaning that very low/very high frequencies get picked up quicker than all other tuners we tried. We have tested the TN100 by tuning the low B of a 5 string bass and found it works just a smoothly as a standard low E. 

In guitar/bass/ukelele mode of the TN100, the LED will indicate what number string you are tuning to, which helps avoid any unwanted string breakages. This is a great feature for beginners needing a little extra help tuning up. The guitar mode also goes as low as 7 strings but for 8 string tuning, we recommend the chromatic setting.


Guitar:  7(B), 6(E), 5(A), 4(D), 3(G), 2(b), 1(e)
Bass:  L(B),  4(E), 3(A), 2(D), 1(G)
Ukulele:  4(g), 3(C), 2(E), 1(A)
Chromatic:  Indicates pitch on LED based off vibration 

Some of the factors that make this tuner exceptional are:

  • The large solid display screen
  • Stable & precise tuning sensor 
  • The ability to track really well on low notes (tunes bass guitars really well)
  • Will tune any guitar or bass and just about any stringed instrument (It just needs somewhere it can clip on)
  • Has Chromatic mode, so you can tune to any note you like (including open tunings and de-tuning)
  • Auto off feature

This is our most recommended tuner - well worth the money.

The Tech Features

Model: TN100

Style: Clip on Chromatic Tuner

Battery: CR2032 (included)

Colour: Black

Accuracy: +/- 0.5 cents

Tuning Range: AO (27.50Hz) - C8 (4,186.00Hz)

Auto Power Off: 7 min timer

Dimension: W56mm x D31mm x H32mm


Chromatic tuner

By: on 3 June 2021
Chromatic tuner a very efficient little tuner. Great service as usual.
By: Artist Guitars
Thanks for the review and for all the support. Cheers.

Easy to use Guitar Tuner

By: on 24 March 2021
Purchased this tuner as a beginner guitar player. Very happy with this easy to use tuner that as a novice was no issue to keep my recently purchased new guitar in tune. Definitely recommend.
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you so much for the feedback! We really appreciate it.

Artist TN 100 cheomatic guitar tuner

By: on 15 September 2020
I already owned three different tuners before ordering this one. The biggest problem (in my experience) with many tuners, is the screen can be hard to read especially in bright light. The TN100 works perfectly, is easy to read and the price is right. Not least, the service and follow up by Artist Guitars is unbeatable. Thanks guys, I am very happy with this purchase.

Very happy

By: on 6 September 2019
Great little tuner!! :)

Good tuner.

By: on 30 May 2019
Thanks for the tuner and excellent, responsive customer service.

Brilliant tuner

By: on 14 May 2019
Great instant tuner for smooth live performanace tuning

Great little tuner

By: on 14 May 2019
Well built, easy to read and great value.

Great little tuner

By: on 26 April 2019
Tiny device with a clear and nicely animated display and - more importantly - dead accurate tuning for all guitar types, bass included. Fits well in any pocket and clips onto any part of the guitar. Great value. Recommended!

Easy Tune

By: on 27 March 2019
Easy to use and read. As light as a feather. Nice bright display. Can't ask for more and as good as much higher priced tuners. Speedy delivery as usual. Great product & service. Thanks Artist.

Something I should have bought years ago

By: on 14 March 2019
A great little tuner which easily clips onto the guitar. It was amazingly cheap and even with free postage it arrived in just 2 days. Very happy with the tuner, thank you very much.

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