Gig Bag or Hard Case?

Author: Artist-Guitars  Date Posted:20 May 2020 

This is a Tricky question, both have their Pros and Cons.  Cases can be more expensive but offer more protection when compared with a bag.  Though a bag is easier to transport and usually cheaper.  One thing we can agree on is that you can't do without at least one!



If you own a guitar you'd be crazy not to spend a few measly dollars to protect you instrument.  A case or bag will protect the guitar from the elements, and prevent scuffs, scratches and breakage if knocked over or bumped in transit.  You'll also have the added bonus of storing your spare strings, lead, tuner, capo and sheet music or songbook in the pockets and compartments.


Lets take a look at the benefits of each:

Hard Case:

  Gives a high level of protection.  A hard outer shell is much more durable that the soft (but tough) nylon bag.  A knocked over guitar in a bag will have a much greater chance of breakage compared to a hard case.

  Better for touring.  You can literally toss your axe in the back of the Kia Carnival and hit the road.

  Airline baggage handlers - do your worst.  Most hard cases will stand up to the crankiest of baggage handlers.  Drop away!

  Good for busking. Open your case and let the people fill it with their coin.

  A guitar stored in a case 


Soft Case:

  Better for storage. Much easier for fitting into a smaller car or carrying on public transport.  When your playing the guitar you can roll it up into a ball and throw it at your drummer.  Or stow it away in a small space.

  A cheaper option.  Bags come in a range of grades and most won't break the bank.

  Not heavy.  A sturdy hard case will double the weight of your guitar.  If you prefer to walk or catch public transport, slinging a bag over your shoulders makes much more sense than lugging a giant hard case.


The decision you make will depend on your purpose.  Think about what you mostly do with your guitar and base your decision on this.  If you walk a lot, you should save you back and buy yourself a Soft Bag with backpack straps.  If you travel a lot by air, then you should invest in a Hard Case (Note: most airlines now do not permit guitars on as hand luggage.  You may get lucky but don't count on it!).

And if you can afford the space, why not get both? 





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