21 Reasons Why YOU Should Learn Guitar...

Author: Daniel-Myer  Date Posted:21 October 2011 

Thinking about learning an instrument? At The Ultimate Guitar Academy, we believe you should choose GUITAR! Here's why...


1. We offer a FREE TRIAL LESSON at UGA. You really don't have anything to lose!


2. It's fun! (it really is)


3. Start a band! How about the band name "Dragon"... or perhaps "Thunder Clap"!


4. It can be loud!


5. It can also be quiet. Beneficial for those with parents and neighbours.


6. Portability - You can take the guitar almost anywhere, with no need for electricity.


7. With a UGA guitar tutor at your aid, you can accomplish anything!


8. Your musical appreciation and taste will change and grow - for the better.


9. Guitar is used in almost any style of music; Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Easy Listening, Country, Funk, Classical, Bluegrass, Dance (yes, even in dance!), Hip Hop, Classic Rock, R & B etc.


10. The guitar community is massive. Perhaps the largest community for any instrument.


11. Anyone can learn at any age.


12. Guitar is more than just songs and scales... well, it is here at UGA. The Ultimate Guitar Method involves much more than just playing songs and knowing scales. It's a graded method of learning, designed to develop skills. It also includes many other aspects, such as music theory, techniques, sight reading (not the quite the same as music theory, despite what many think), practice routines, exercises and much much more. Not convinced? Book a free trial lesson now!


13. Great party instrument. Who  doesn't love it when someone grabs a guitar at a party and everyone starts singing "I'm Gonna Be" by The Proclaimers?!


14. You can jam with your muso friends. Jamming is lots of fun and makes you a better musician!


15. You can play LOTS of songs with only a few simple chords. Don't believe me? Ask your tutor to teach you G, D, Em and C!


16. Whether you are a beginner or an expert - you're going to love it! You will become passionate and most likely obsessed with it. Hence reason number 10...


17. Productive and entertaining. Think about all of those hours you've spent, played video games, watching TV or other time-fillers at home. Imagine if you had of used at least half of that time to practice guitar. It all ads up!


18. Impress your friends! It is always fun to pull off an awesome solo and have everyone tell you they had no idea how good you were! 


19. Be part of the music - not just a listener. This one sounds a bit lame, but being part of the music is a much different experience than just being a listener.


20. Got friends that rock at Guitar Hero? Show them up by being even better on a real guitar!


21. You can play notes and chords. Many instruments are only capable of playing a single note at a time, but the guitar is capable of producing up to 6 notes at once, meaning you are able to play chords and notes!


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