Flatwound Bass Strings

Ever wondered what the deal is with Flatwound strings? Who would use a set of strings that cost so much more than regular roundwounds? If you like the classic old school, vintage bass sound, then these strings could be for you. Traditionally used for jazz and blues styles of music, they're now popular in the indie world and bands who are chasing the classic sound of 50's Rock n' Roll.  Roundwound strings are wound with wire, giving them ridges and grooves, whereas flatwounds are wrapped with tape, meaning that the surface is smooth. This makes it much easier to slide your fingers up and down, plus you cut out string squeak. It also creates much less wear on your frets and fret board because you don't get the saw-tooth effect as you do with round wounds.

JF344 Flat Wound Bass StringsThomastic JF344s are arguably the best flatwounds around with their rich mid range and mellow top end.  ​These strings generally cost more, but will last much longer because there aren't deep grooves to collect dirt and grease.

Hot tip: Thomastic Flatwounds are lower tension than your standard bass strings, this gives them their unique sound. To get the best result, try backing off the truss rod around 1/8 to 1/4 turn, to compensate for the low tension.


Flatwound Strings - the strings of the past, for the bass player of the future!



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Jeff in the Far North NZ

By: Anonymous on 30 April 2015
Hey guys. I have never used the flat wounds before but wonder what the opinion is of general rock players for their top end response. I like to maintain that nice top end that you get with new strings and although I am a terrible bass player who uses a pick, I still like to get that nice funky thing going on top octaving etc. Wouldn't want to lose the top end. I thought also because I use a pick, that they would be possibly better for the bottom end being flat-wound. Opinions please? All opinions appreciated.

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