How to choose a guitar is a bit like choosing which tool to use

Author: Ian-Bush  Date Posted:16 May 2013 

Choosing which guitar to buy can be a confusing process.

We recently built a site for beginners to help them choose the guitar that suits them best. The site is

This is a subject that can confuse people and I have been thinking about ways to explain this so its easier to understand. 

When you choose which guitar to play its a bit like choosing the correct tool to build a house with. If the job needs a hammer, then a screwdriver just wont do the job properly. So to think of it in guitar terms, if you are playing your favourite Metallica song (with lot's of heavy distorted guitar), then a nylon string acoustic is going to make life tough for you. 

So when you think about guitar you really need to consider what the song you would like to play is, or what the sound you would like to sound like. Once you know this information its really easy to work out the right guitar and to work out what would help you achieve the sound you are looking for.

Now I'm going to tell you something that you might not believe, but purely buying a guitar on price is often a mistake ! Lets go back to our tool analogy. 

If you had the worlds best screwdriver (made from the toughest steel precision milled to perfection) would it help you to hammer in a nail ? Guitars is the same thing, to make a reasonable attempt at a Metallica song you would be much better off with a basic electric guitar (even a very cheap one) than the worlds best classical (of course I'm assuming you want to play something heavy with lots of distortion). So you would be better off getting a basic guitar in the right basic setup. 

If you're a great guitarist, then you can arrange the song to make it sound better but if your just a beginner this can be really hard. 

I hope this makes it easier to understand, if you have any questions please post a comment below. 


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