How to choose a guitar that fits your sound

Author: Ian-Bush  Date Posted:18 November 2011 

This is one of our most asked questions - How to choose the right guitar for a particular sound
Guitars come in all different shapes and sizes, and personally I wish I could have them all at home for when I needed them (but I only live in a small apartment so it’s not very practical)

The first step  in choosing a guitar is to work out if you want something basic (your just a beginner) or you can play well enough that its worth spending a bit more money to get a nicer guitar

If you want a beginners guitar, one of our laminated wood guitars will suit you perfectly, The sound of these guitars is very similar to each other, and I think the best thing to consider is the size. It's best to get something that is super comfortable, learn to play your instrument and then progress to a nicer instrument.

I’m a higher level than a beginner and I want a nicer guitar, or I'd like to start with a better guitar - what do I choose?

So the first step is to figure out - What sort of music do you like to play. Is it loud strummed and lots of volume? Or is it delicate picking or do you want something that is OK at both? Do you want a nylon string or steel string?

So Nylon string or Classical guitars are ideal for Classical (Ok that was obvious), Spanish & flamenco music, they have a softer sound, not as loud and overall they have a different tonal style.

Steel String is great for Folk, Pop and some parts of rock (especially the ballads

Electric Guitars are great for Metal, Rock and Pop

Steel string guitars come in lots of sizes

Basically the smaller sizes have a nice bright sound, less volume, and less bass. Our Mini Jumbo size has more volume but is not as big as a dreadnought (It’s quite a good compromised size for people who don’t want a guitar that is too big. Dreadnought is the most common size of any acoustic guitar and is great for strummed music. Then you have the big daddy (or big mummy) of them all - the jumbo size. Big boomy bass, not great on the treble, and huge volume. 

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Excellent instruments, next day delivery! How cool is that! 'Dan the music man'

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