How to tune a floyd rose style tremolo

Author: Ian-Bush  Date Posted:3 September 2012 

Tuning a Floyd Rose style floating tremolo can be quite a tricky task.

Tools you will  need

1. Spare strings
2. Allen keys
3. Digital Tuner
4. Screw driver

Here are the preparation steps you should make before you start tuning

1. Make sure you have a full set of strings on your guitar

2. Loosen the top locks (that's the little metal pads that tighten the strings at the top of the nut)

3. Wind out the fine tuners so they are all the way out

So here are the steps

1. Tune from low E (6th) to high E (1st). You will have to do this a lot of times so get it close and then move to the next string
2. Repeat step one as many times as you need until the guitar is in tune, it can take up to 10 tunings if the guitar has new strings)
3. Once the guitar is in tune check that the tremolo is flat compared to the top of the body, it shouldn't have any lift up at all. It should be perfectly parallel to the body. If its not correct checkout "How to adjust the angle of the tremolo"
4. Gently tighten the top lock so that the strings are locked in
5. Double check the tuning is 100% correct (you can now use the fine tuners if necessary)

How to adjust the angle of the Tremolo

Turn the guitar over you you will see a black plastic cover, it will have 2 long holes in it. Using a long phillips head screwdriver tighten these screws (to bring the trem down) or loosen them (to bring the trem up) as needed.

How to change strings on a Floyd Rose

The best way to change strings on a Floyd rose is 1 by 1. Its also important to keep the same gauge of strings that you normally use, if you change your string gauge you will need to adjust the angle of the tremolo and it will make the process a lot slower.

Steps to changing a full set of strings

1. Loosen the top locks
2. Remove 1 string only
3. Take the new string out (for the one you removed above) and cut the ball end off.
4. Place the string into the saddle and gently tighten the block (using your allen key) it should be tight enough to hold it, but don't over tighten
5. Tune the string back to pitch and then tune the whole guitar
6. Repeat for the next string (making sure you tune each time)
7. Check the adjust of the angle of the tremolo

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