How to work out what is the best Adaptor for your pedals

Author: Ian-Bush  
Date Posted:25 February 2013 

This is a subject that we find confuses a lot of people. So here is how to work out the best supply for you.

Power supplies have changed over the years and the power supplies you can buy today are much better than what you could buy in the past. Now all pedals sold in Australia have to meet efficiency requirements and that means that they are all generally digital supplies (digital or switch mode)

So here are the basic steps

1. Are your pedals all 9v center negative - the vast majority of pedals use this standard voltage and plug size, Ibanez, Boss, DOD all use the same size and voltage

2. If you have a multi effect you should be careful - zoom use a standard supply but boss (in there multi effect range) and other manufacturers sometimes use a different connection or voltage 

3. Now you need to work out what the total mA your pedals require, this will usually be written in the owners manual, some are really low (For example our AC tone only requires 3.8mA of current) and some are really high (digital pedals often take 300-500mA for a single pedal). Current is like capacity, so if you're suing our DC9 adaptor which has 1000mA capacity, as long as the pedals you are powering need less than this then you will be fine.  Having more current

4. Your voltage must match exactly

5. All modern power supplies are inherently regulated, and this is not something that you can get as an option, in the past you could buy a cheaper unregulated version, and a lot of people will tell you to buy a regulated supply, these days when you guy a digital supply this is not something you need to worry about.

We sell 2 types of supply


We also sell the DC9 with a 5 way daisy chain, 7 way, 9 way or 13 way 

We have the JP01 which also has an 18v power option for some specialist vintage pedals

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