Why a bone nut & saddle improves your tone

Author: Ian-Bush  Date Posted:28 October 2011 

So today we answer another one of the common questions in our recent survey
Tell me more about the materials on your guitars - what makes them different and how can I set-up my guitar to play better

One of the key factors that make our solid top guitars sound so good is the bone nut and saddle. At this point in any guitar you want the hardest material possible (Diamond would be awesome if it was possible for any human to afford it!) one of the hardest materials that are easily available and easy to shape is bone. A bone nut will give you a nice stable point on the guitar for the strong to anchor too and it also allows for maximum transfer of sound energy to the neck and to the top of the guitar (through the saddle).

So how do I make a bone nut sound or play better?

A bone nut needs a little period of time to settle in. It also really benefits from having a simple graphite pencil rubbed in the slot. The graphite will lubricate the string and stop it from gripping as you tune it (ever hear your strings creak, creak, creak as you tune them?)

If you want to get your action height to the absolute lowest you should also get a trained luthier to re-cut your nut slots. This will bring your action height down a little bit further than what can be achieved with reducing the height of the saddle.

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