Artist BST50105 Bass Nickel Roundwound Strings Light Top-Medium Bot 50
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About These Strings

These are budget quality Nickel Wound Bass Guitar strings in 50-105 Gauge, for the player who has lots of gigs and needs to keep costs down. They are perfect for 1-2 gigs.

They are also perfect for that Bass Player who is beginning and needs to stay under a budget as other more known Bass Strings are $30 or above per set. 

The Tech Features

Model :- BST50105

Material :- Nickel Wound


good value

By: Roger Li on 8 July 2019
great strings for the price

Best value bass strings

By: Craig on 7 June 2019
These are great strings for regular gigging and with reasonable tone. Obviously that depends on what instruments you put them on. But for the price, I believe these are the best value strings on the planet. Also with customer service like artist guitars why would you go anywhere else?

Great value for the price

By: Adam on 22 June 2018
Just getting into Bass and couldn't pass these up

Good value

16 December 2014
Nice bass strings, great value for the price!

Cheap and cheerful bass strings

16 October 2014
Here's some general background on me and my bass playing habits. I play very hard and I like the punchy sound of reasonably bright new strings. I use Yamaha BB1024X and 424X basses. One tuned standard, one dropped a whole step. No matter which brand I have used in the past, which are many - and I still buy other more expensive brands from time to time - and no matter how much I wipe down my strings after each use, I still go through strings in about 2-3 shows. At this point, aside from them feeling lifeless and sounding dull, I will usually break an A or E string. I do have pretty high action and really dig into the strings - they always break at the bridge. I've been buying Artist brand 50-105 nickel bass strings for a while now. Basically, I play a lot of shows, but I earn very little personally from them, so I was going through a lot of cash on strings and needed a budget solution. I was pleasantly surprised with these strings. They look a little less fancy than some - although much the same as a lot of others, too - but feel good. I am getting exactly as much use out of these strings as other well known brands and now have no reason to go back. They fit my standard 34" scale basses and I have never had a dud string in over 20 sets now. I have had many positive comments on my bass tone and have recorded with these on my bass. I'm a real happy customer with a real happy wallet!

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