How to Choose The Right Sized Drum Bags

If you can't always keep your drum set up then it's a good idea to protect them from scratches,dust and the weather.  Bags are a great idea because they're light, they don't take up much space and they offer great protection for your precious drums

It can be confusing to find the correct size to fit your drum, so this guide will make it easy for you!


1. Measure your drum correctly.

Drums are traditionally measured using the diameter of the shell in inches.  This can be measured by taking the diameter of the drum from the inside of the hop to the opposite side. Not the total width of the drum including hardware.

The depth is measured including the hardware, so you measure depth as total depth including hardware - bottom hoop to top hoop.

2. Choose the bag to fit.

Bags are named to suit the size of the drum, not the actual total size.  This means that a 14 inch bag will not be 14 inches in total diameter.  A 14" drum bag will have about 1.5 - 3 inches of extra space to allow for the hardware (hoops, lugs and snare lever).  We show the actual bag dimensions in the description.  

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