How to Set Up Your Violin

So you've just bought your first violin. Now you're thinking "How do I get it to make a sound?"  Here's a great introductory video on how to get started.

In this Video:

  1. Tighten your bow
    • There should be a gap of about a finger between the bow and the hair.
  2. Apply rosin to your bow
    • Score the rosin to give it a rough edge
    • Run the bow across the rosin - For a brand new bow this could take up to 5 minutes
  3. Tuning Guide
    • Using a TN100 tuner
    • (The ebony tuning pegs are wedge shaped.  This is so that you can lock the tuning in place by pushing in on the peg)
  4. Is the bow still slipping, does the bow need more rosin?



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