Do you teach Guitar or Bass? We Need You!

As part of our hugely popular Beginner Guitar range, we like to offer our customers one complimentary introductory lesson when they buy a guitar. These lessons are offered anywhere in Australia and New Zealand so we're always on the lookout for teachers in new areas especially those offering Skype style lessons (for people in remote areas) to conduct these free introductory lessons. Offering a free lesson is a great way to find new students - we find that many customers continue their lessons on a paid basis after the first free lesson.

As well as generating leads for you, we have many aspects for our teachers to earn extra income. You can also join our affiliate program that gives you passive income if you have a website of your own. Just let us know and we’ll organise a banner advert to be placed on your website, each sale that has come from your website to ours will earn you commission.

Along with our own discounts we offer you a 10% discount across our range.  If you refer students to purchase items from us directly, you can email us once a month with a list of those students names. We’ll then gather all those sales that you have referred and pay you a commission based on those sales. Some teachers take the cash, other teachers prefer us to give them the dollar value credited to their account going towards future purchases from our website.

Check out all the great teachers we have already signed up!

All you need to do is provide us with proof that you are a working teacher (Facebook page, website or something similar), compose your own information page for our website (we can help you with this) nad you're away!

If this interests you, please contact Raul at  Hope to hear from you soon.


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