How to set-up your first drum kit

Author: Artist Guitars  

This is a basic instructional video on how to set up a drum kit.  The brand is different but the process is the same.

There are a couple of differences with the drum kit shown in this video and the kit that we sell.  Instead of a single post tom mount, your kit will include 2 separate tom arms.  This is not better or worse, different manufacturers just use different systems.

The video also shows a suspension mount system (the curved metal mounting bracket that is screwed into the tension rods). Our drum kits will not have this, the toms are mounted directly to a bracket on the side of the drum.

Here are some more good tips for fine tuning the set-up so that you'll play comfortably:

Once you are set up you may want to fine tune the drums.  Here is a short video to explain a very simple tuning method:

If you would like to go further, here a more in-depth process.