NZ order and shipping updates


Hi There,

We'd like to thank you all for your patience.

We are experiencing delays in processing times due to the lockdown shipping restrictions we saw last month. The restrictions of the level 4 lockdown meant that we were unable to ship any orders to Auckland for one month. Of our NZ orders, 50% were to be shipped to Auckland which means over the course of the level 4 lockdown 50% of our orders could not be shipped or processed which resulted in a substantial backlog.

Our warehouse has indicated that they have processed all orders placed prior to September 29th and expect to be through the rest of the backlog within 5 business days. The warehouse has been working very hard to clear this backlog and we are proud of their efficiency through this difficult time.

In order to comply with the health and safety regulations, our warehouse is working at reduced staff levels. We expect that most e-commerce/online sales companies are working under the same conditions. We expect that this will continue to cause some strain on the delivery network across the board.

We understand these aren’t ideal circumstances for online purchasing and for those customers willing to wait we appreciate your patience and hope that your order will arrive promptly. 

If any customer is no longer willing to wait for their order we have no issue with processing a refund immediately, just let us know. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.