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Artist BullBucker Electric Guitar Humbucker 5 Wire Pickup Bridge - Black

This bridge pickup has a fairly high output and is very versatile. Great for everything from blues to heavy metal. Provides slammin' output with singing highs, aggressive harmonics, and can retain clear crisp cleans while being able to get real dirty. Pairs well with our BullBucker Neck Pickup.

Works especially well mahogany body guitars with rosewood fingerboards. They are wax potted and can be used as Split Coil Humbuckers which allows the humbucker to effectively become a single coil. All Artist Bullbucker humbuckers have four-conductor hookup wires and use the same standard wire colour code.

Top Coil Polarity: North

Bottom Coil Polarity: South

Ground Wire: Thicker Black wire

North start: Thinner Black wire (Also known as Inside Slug wire)

North finish: White wire (outside slug wire)

South finish: Red wire (Outside screw wire)

South start: Yellow wire (Also known as Inside Screw wire) This is your Hot wire.

To use this as a standard humbucker in series configuration, the White & Red wires are soldered together and taped; both Black wires are grounded and Yellow is Hot Output.

If you want to coil-split, then attach the Red and White wires to the coil switch. This means that when coil splitting, Black and White are not involved because they are both grounded, which deactivates the North coil.

To split to the North coil, the process is much the same, but you'll switch the position of the thin black and yellow wires, making the thin black wire the Hot start, and the yellow wire will be grounded. This means when the switch is activated, both Red and Yellow are grounded, deactivating the South coil.

The Tech Features


Type: Bridge Pickup, Alnico V Bar

Colour: Black

Conductors: 4

DC resistance: 15.4K

Inductance Rating: 9.6H

Spacing: 52mm


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Great clarity for modern high gain

By: on 28 July 2022
I put this in a Gnosis6 replacing the stock mings PHS bridge pick up. It’s not an ‘upgrade’ as such because there’s nothing wrong the the PHS, but I was looking for reduced bass and a greater high end response, which is particularly important when playing down tuned high gain but you want to play extended chords and still hear note separation. The bullbucker does an excellent job in this regard. While the tone is not night and day different they feel less distorted and more precise under the fingers and the clarity is increased on chords while still retaining enough drive for lead playing. I would say these are are good switch if you’re playing in a band with a lot of gain and are struggling to be heard.. they will cut through the mix better than most pickups. If you’re playing at home the stock PHS pickups will sound bigger and be a little more forgiving of developing technique.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the detailed review of the pickups. We sincerely appreciate it.

Bucking great sound

By: on 18 May 2022
I am still new to the world of electric guitars but bought this bullbucker humbucker to put in my cheap Chinese strat. The instructions were easy to follow and best of all you can coil split them! They are loud and sound fantastic! It has great clean tones and fantastic for heavy gain. My son and daughter like how it sounds too and want to put a set in their guitars soon.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for the awesome feedback! We are glad to know you love the guitar. Really appreciate the support.

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