Artist PC16 Preface Series 16 Inch Crash Cymbal

About this Artist PC16 Preface Series 16 Inch Crash Cymbal

Artist cymbals are made using a combination quality craftsmanship plus tried and tested lathing and hammering techniques to produce the best sounding cymbals at the fairest prices you'll find.  You have to hear these to believe quality.  

The Preface Series are a good option for upgrading your factory cymbals, or adding to your setup.  These are like the little brother to our Medium Series, being a similar thickness and lathing pattern they'll give a fast, bright sound. Good for all styles from Jazz to Metal, these are priced to be an affordable upgrade.

The Tech Specs:

Brand:- Artist

Model:- PC16

Composition:- 80% Copper, 20%Tin

Size:- 16 inch


PC16 crash cymbal.

By: Taff Hewton on 20 February 2020
see as for PHH14 high hats. Not a pro cymbal, but ideal for beginner.


By: Jacob Palmer on 27 June 2019
Way better than expected, exactly the tone I was looking for to add to my kit.


By: Joe Soares on 4 February 2019
Although these are certainly good for beginners and first kits, I wouldn't agree that they're good for upgrades as mentioned in the description

Artist PC16 Preface 16" Crash cymbal

By: Dylan Symonds on 23 November 2017
Adequate entry level cymbal for beginners. Not the greatest sound, but you get what you pay for, and this is certainly affordable.

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