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Artist TC59 Electric Guitar with Bullbucker Pickups

Artist TC59 Electric Guitar with Bullbucker Pickups

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Artist TC59 Electric Guitar with Bullbucker Pickups

The Artist TC59 Electric guitar has certainly been a long time in the development phase but as the saying goes, ""good things come to those who wait"" and the TC59 is finally here and a ""good thing"" it certainly is!

Combining vintage styling with contemporary appointments, the TC59 is a worthy addition to the Artist Guitars brand offering everything that you could want in an electric guitar without the hefty price tag.

Sporting Artist's in-house designed and manufactured ""Bullbucker"" humbucking pickups, the range of sound possibilities that can be achieved from the '59 whether it be jazz, blues, rock or country, is quite astounding. The ""Bullbuckers"" are a fantastic pickup in their own right and are starting to make some very positive noise amongst guitar players but when they are combined with the TC59's American Ash body and the vintage style maple neck you have an absolutely outstanding guitar package. 

The modern bridge which allows for each string's intonation to be adjusted separately guarantees that you can set your guitar up to its optimal level - such a necessary and useful innovation.

To top it all off this wonderful little axe has locking machine heads which make sure that tuning is never far from perfect.

Check this little beauty out! You won't be disappointed!!!

The Tech Features:

Brand: Artist

Model: TC59

Scale Length: 648 mm / 25.5 Inches

Body Wood: American Ash

Machine Heads: Improved Locking Machine Heads

Finish: Natural Gloss

Neck: 22 fret Maple Fingerboard; Satin Finish; Bone Nut; Nut Width: 43mm; C-Shape Neck

Fingerborad Radius: 12"" (305mm)

Bridge: Modern Style Bridge with Brass Saddles(Individually Adjustable)

Pickups: Humbucker/Humbucker (Bullbucker pickups with Chrome Covers)

Features: 3 way switch, Coil Splitting, String Through Body, Better Wiring Shielding

Weight: 4kg - 4.5kg approx.

Optional Hardcases: REC300RC, REC350BK, REC350FTB, EC500

Optional Gig Bags: HGBAGST, BAGST


Very impressed

By: on 15 August 2021
Arrived literally the day after ordering, set up is bang on, the tone is outstanding and I just cannot believe that a guitar of this quality can be made and shipped to my door for such a ridiculously low price. Although reading some of these reviews about the weight, i wonder if any of these guys moaning about them being heavy have ever done a hard days work in their life...cause they aint heavy at all. Just feel nice and solid..also brought a tweed tone 20r, and thats also completely blown me away. In fact ive been having so much fun, i didnt even notice that my missus left me about a week..ish..ago..oh well not to worry. thank you artist, youve outdone yourselves once again.
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you so much for this lovely review. We really appreciate the support!

TC59 Are you kidding me

By: on 1 May 2021
Liked the look of the TC59 on site so brought the last one they had in stock , I'm a little hesitant to buy without having it in my hands first and seeing if I like the feel of it . I have brought a few guitars online including 3 harley bentons and various guitars off ali express . While they were just ok and needing a lot of setup this Artist TC59 guitar absolutely whips there arse's right out of the box. It needed minimal setup , the usual things like string height and intonation ..... every guitar I have ever owned new has needed this setup , but this TC59 was so close it only needed the most minor tweeks....... though I will have to polish the frets to make it perfect but there not to bad. The frets are level and I have the action real low (which is where I like it ) no fret buzz and no choking out when doing hard bends, the neck feels great with the satin finish , there is no fret sprout and they are finished really well except for the polish I will give them. Those pickups sound F**king amazing , honestly I am stunned I absolutely freekin love them. I thought my PRS pups were good....... these are better....way better..... and then you get the extra tonality from the coil split which adds another dimension to this guitar. The tuners feel great and are smooth and consistent across all of them and they tune precisely , and locking tuners to boot..... how can they produce such a good guitar at this price point ? . The body is made up of 3 pieces of wood that are matched so well I had to really look hard for the joins and the natural wood finish is beautiful. I have 2 small gripes which aren't really that big of a deal because I knew about one of them just from watching the reviews on the artist site....... the obvious one is the weight of this guitar ..... it's heavy really heavy but I expected that...... I don't gig I just play with a few friends on the weekends etc and I don't have to stand , but if I did I could see myself with neck and back problems in no time..... but I knew it was heavy from the reviews....... the only manufacturing fault I have found is that the nut is not centered on the neck it overhangs one side and is short the other....... when I do my first string change I will pop it out and reset it as it bugs me. Not a biggie at all and for this money I still think I ripped Artist guitars off and got the best deal ever on any guitar I have ever brought including my PRS. I now trust Artist guitars 100% and will probably buy another guitar from them a little further down the line..... That grunge master looks pretty good but there always out of stock hence why I brought the TC59...... If they made this guitar with lighter wood I would buy another one no question. If you are looking to buy another guitar or even your first guitar I would recommend Artist guitars, there well priced and if you find you don't like what you brought you can send it back no questions asked. I can honestly say this is one guitar I will never sell , Thanks Artist guitars I am truly blown away with the quality of this instrument and the overall finish and play ability right out of the box...... stunning.....just stunning .
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you very much for your awesome feedback on the guitar. This means a lot to us. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to reach out. Cheers!


By: on 30 April 2021
I've been dwelling on buying this guitar for the last three months finally decided to do it and all I can say is wow!!! Arrived two days after order and the thing sounds awesome definitely a underrated machine( even tho it only has great reviews hahaha) the weight is not that heavy I think it's fine ! Thanks slot artist guitars great service !
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you so much for the awesome review and we are stoked to hear that you are loving your guitar. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns that we can help out with. Cheers.

This Guitar is way better than anything else that

By: on 12 March 2021
The quality and sound of this guitar is better than anything else on the entire guitar market for under 1,100 dollars! This thing is bloody amazing. It is way more versatile than a fender tele, Sounds absolutely fantastic the neck is pure bliss to play and it sure is a looker. Honestly buy this guitar, Wayyy better than and Ibanez or Squire in this price range. I'd say it beats my $465 Ibanez GRG131DX in every way. 10/10 absolutely nothing wrong with this guitar, Go for it unless you are a stingy brand elitist
By: Artist Guitars
Thank you for taking the time to write this very awesome review. We are truly happy whenever our customers are happy with their orders. Thank you so much for the support!


By: on 22 January 2021
The neck feels like the holy grail. It’s just made to be. What a beautiful guitar. Sounds full and clear. Love it to bits.

A near flawless bargain

By: on 20 November 2020
This is definitely not a guitar that I would stylistically gravitate towards but I got one anyway and genuinely cannot believe the value. I typically play extreme metal stuff and this thing can surprisingly handle it very well. It feels so easy to play and honestly stands up next to my most expensive guitars. The only issue is it's weight if you aren't used to heavy guitars, but for me, it isn't a problem. If you want a high end feeling and sounding guitar without the high end price tag, do yourself a favor and get one of these now!

Tc59 lefty tone problems

By: on 19 November 2020
This is a great guitar overall but us lefty’s have been let down a bit. The push pull tone pot has been reverse wired so the knobs turn in a left hand wind. This is great BUT the pot does not have a reverse taper. This means the tone goes from off to full on with no adjustment. I understand there are no left taper pull push tops so the guitar should have been wired right hand so the tone taper works properly.alternatively a standard humbucker wiring would be best using left hand audio taper pots and loose the split coil.

Whole Lotta Timber You’d Betta Buy It

By: on 9 November 2020
She’s a little on the err....heavy side. If weight is important to you, do your research because she is a heavy piece of wood. But what a beautiful guitar to look at and play, it is gorgeous. In the compromise between a quality build and a competitive price Artist guitars get it right big time. The finish on mine is immaculate, a glossy as lipstick body and a smooth as satin neck and fretboard. An excellent guitar for the money, you could perhaps get a real pretend Tele from Squire for another $100 or so but I have no regrets getting the Artist TC59, save a few bucks on the guitar and get the Artist GOLDEN BROWNIE distortion pedal for what, $79 ? do your cheesy little amp a favour, it’s a great little pedal. WHY TO BUY THIS GUITAR: Stunning sound, stunning looks. Price is spot on, value for $ and free delivery within NZ. Jeez give me a backhander. WHY NOT TO BUY THIS GUITAR: You have severe back & shoulder issues and you don’t dig loud noises man. The protective plastic covering the scratch plate can be a major pain to remove and may necessitate loosening of screws, drinking, to get it all off, horrible stuff but what’d ya do?

very happy

By: on 26 October 2020
Got this gat only 2 days after ordering it off Trade me. Set up was perfect, and used it with the band for the first time today-- everyone commented on the tone. Very innovative to have a tele wih humbuckers that can be split to single coils, and locking tuners to boot. Sure it is a bit heavier than others, but I love this "solid " feel. It gets very good reviews on the net---- and they are well justified. A waiting list overseas for this guitar, and I am not surprised.I think this will become a future classic when people get over their hang up about "named " brands. And an unbeleivable price for what is a quaity instrument. Well done once again Artist Guitars.

Value for money beyond expectation.

By: on 18 October 2020
At this price you’d be expecting some downside, but try as I might I haven’t found one. Nice neck, comfortable and quick, string height between the pickups perfect for fingerpicking if that’s your thing, simple but definitely adequate sound control and range - good sustain and very tidy finish. Played well ootb - and concerns over weight are exaggerated. Very cool.

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