Artist TC59 Electric Guitar with Bullbucker Pickups

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Artist TC59 Electric Guitar with Bullbucker Pickups

The Artist TC 59 Electric guitar has certainly been a long time in the development phase but as the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait" and the TC59 is finally here and a "good thing" it certainly is!

Combining vintage styling with contemporary appointments, the TC59 is a worthy addition to the Artist Guitars brand offering everything that you could want in an electric guitar without the hefty price tag.

Sporting Artist's in-house designed and manufactured "Bull Bucker" humbucking pickups, the range of sound possibilities that can be achieved from the '59 whether it be jazz, blues, rock or country, is quite astounding. The "Bullbuckers" is a fantastic pickup in their own right and are starting to make some very positive noise amongst guitar players but when they are combined with the TC59's American Ash body and the vintage style maple neck you have an absolutely outstanding guitar package. 

The modern bridge which allows for each string's intonation to be adjusted separately guarantees that you can set your guitar up to its optimal level - such a necessary and useful innovation.

To top it all off this wonderful little axe has locking machine heads which make sure that tuning is never far from perfect.

Check this little beauty out! It is well worth the effort - you won't be disappointed!!!

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Artist

Model:- TC59

Scale Length:- 648 mm / 25.5 Inches

Body Wood:- American Ash

Machine Heads:- Improved Locking Machine Heads

Finish:- Blonde Gloss

Neck:- 22 fret Maple Fingerboard; Satin Finish; Bone Nut; Nut Width: 43mm; C-Shape Neck

Neck Radius:- 14"

Bridge:- Modern Style Bridge with Brass Saddles(Individually Adjustable)

Pickups:- Humbucker/Humbucker (Bullbucker pickups with Chrome Covers)

Features:- 3 way switch, Coil Tapping, String Through Body, Better Wiring Shielding


very happy

By: Clandesdiner on 26 October 2020
Got this gat only 2 days after ordering it off Trade me. Set up was perfect, and used it with the band for the first time today-- everyone commented on the tone. Very innovative to have a tele wih humbuckers that can be split to single coils, and locking tuners to boot. Sure it is a bit heavier than others, but I love this "solid " feel. It gets very good reviews on the net---- and they are well justified. A waiting list overseas for this guitar, and I am not surprised.I think this will become a future classic when people get over their hang up about "named " brands. And an unbeleivable price for what is a quaity instrument. Well done once again Artist Guitars.

Value for money beyond expectation.

By: Andy Beck on 18 October 2020
At this price you’d be expecting some downside, but try as I might I haven’t found one. Nice neck, comfortable and quick, string height between the pickups perfect for fingerpicking if that’s your thing, simple but definitely adequate sound control and range - good sustain and very tidy finish. Played well ootb - and concerns over weight are exaggerated. Very cool.

User error. TC59 Electric Guitar with Bullbucker P

By: Tony Hobman on 12 October 2020
A top quality instrument. I had not used locking tuners before and a string fell out within minutes of me using it, then more fell out. Took me a few minutes to realise it was user error. But since then enjoying it very much. A wide range of sound options as well as the classic tele sound. Well done Artist. It arrived on time and was all I wanted and more.

Bang for your buck!

By: Michael Howie on 31 August 2020
I have had the TC59 for 3 months now and I absolutely love it. At this price point you will not find a better guitar outside of the Artist range. I play alternative rock, ranging from ambient to heavy riffage and this little minx does it all. Budget guitars usually don't have a voice, they just sound like a nondescript electric guitar. Not the TC59. Those Bullbucker pickups are fantastic, they have that unique Telecaster voice, and some! Having the coil split option enables a lot of tonal versatility. The sustain is immense. The satin neck feels beautiful and I am so surprised to find locking tuners on a budget guitar. There is only a marginal drop in volume when switching from full bullbucker to single coil, another pleasant surprise. The body finish on my one is immaculate, it really is a gorgeous guitar. It is a heavy instrument so if you suffer from lower back problems and you play for lengthy periods, this might not be for you - or you could just harded up. There were a few little tweaks that it needed... The frets were a little rough so I polished them with fret erasers and they are perfect now. I play in drop C so the intonation and action needed some love - to be expected. The metal string cups at the back of the guitar fell out when I changed the strings so they needed gluing in. The input jack nut was loose which prompted a once-over to check the tightness of all screws and they were mostly good. The sound wasn't as bright as I'd hoped but I switched out the tone pot (theirs is 250k) for a 500k pot and it gave me that Tele jangle I was after. That's just a personal preference though, the TC59 sounds awesome in it own right. Overall, the TC59 is a lot of guitar for the money. I was half expecting to be disappointed by it but it has vastly exceeded my expectations.

Tc59 Tele.

By: Andrew Arnell on 23 July 2020
Beautiful guitar. The bullbuckers sound great. Looks great and plays great. No need to go for a higher end guitar. Looks and feels like a more expensive guitar. Really happy with my choice .

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