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Valeton CLR8 Coral Mod II Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal

The Coral Mod II is an incredibly powerful modulation pedal with a solid alluminium enclosure and a tiny footprint. With an astonishing 16 modulation effect variations selectable via the front-mounted notch dial, and easy 3-control mini dials to set your Level, Depth, and Rate, this little knockout has a mod effect for everyone! 

Valeton has installed a quality buffer and included an advanced  24-bit digital platform for a lower noise floor and higher sound quality than previous iterations, and the high-quality footswitch also doubles as a tap-tempo! Check out the list of included modulation effects below: 

J-CHORUS  - Simulates the vintage chorus sound from the legendary Jazz amplifier
T-CHORUS - Produces a lush chorus sound modulated by triangle wave
DETUNE - Mixes dry signal with a slightly pitch shifted sound to produce a chorus-like effect
B-TREM - Simulates the bias tremolo sound from vintage tube amps
O-TREM - Produces a classic optical tremolo sound
ECHO-TREM - Combines tremolo and delay in one to produce a step-like effect
FLANGER - Produces a classic flanger tone
NFB FLANGER - Produces a flanger tone with negative feedback
JET - Produces a massive flanger tone with plenty of feedback
PHASER - Produces a bright, sharp phasing tone
PHASE+ - Simulates the legendary one-knob orange phaser pedal
U-VIBE - Simulates the legendary 4-stage phasing/rotary vibe effect
T-WAH - Produces wah effects depending on picking dynamics
A-WAH - Produces an automatically varying wah effect
LOFI - Produces a sample reducing effect 
VIBRATO - Produces a natural, warm vibrato sound

The Tech Features

Brand: Valeton 

Model: CLR8

Power: 9V DC Center Positive

Current Consumption: 100mA

Dimensions: 93.5(D) x 42(W) x 52mm(H) / 31116” X 158” X 2116

Weight: 150g / 5.2oz


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Effects pedal

By: on 21 September 2023
Very cool tight little package

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for your review. We appreciate it.

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