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Valeton MES4 Dapper Mini Acoustic Guitar Multi Effects 

The Dapper Mini by Valeton is an all-inclusive effects strip for acoustic guitar, and the perfect solution to a portable, reliable, and gig-ready rig! With inbuilt effects, a high-quality tuner, multiple routing options, and even a cab-sim-enabled headphone port for silent practice, the Dapper Acoustic Mini offers everything an acoustic guitarist needs in one tidy package!

The MES4 has a small footprint, and robust enclosure, making it ideal as a backup in the pocket of your gig bag, or a full fly-rig for the musician on the road! Check out the awesome effects features below:

The fast and accurate tuner uses a large light display to be clear and visible on any stage, with easy colour coding. It’s fast to engage and will mute your signal when in use.

The inbuilt compressor effect tightens your guitar focus, and rounds off your sound slightly, providing the warm, punchy sound of a classic rack-mount compressor, and increasing sustain. 

This is a powerful 3-band EQ for tone sculpting, a notch filter to eliminate unwanted feedback, and a volume control to maintain your levels. This is very useful for guitars without an inbuilt preamp, and can also offer a great solo boost or to simply fine-tune your tone.

The simple to use one-knob reverb recreates the ambience of a performance hall with a very natural decay. This is perfect for most acoustic applications and can give your sound the extra depth you need. 

Plug your headphones into the PHONES jack for practicing with effects. The PHONES knob adjusts the output volume. Use the XLR OUT jack to feed a balanced signal to your audio interface (for recording) or to a mixer (when you go straight to the house). Ensure Phantom Power is switched OFF on your mixer when using the XLR connection.

The Tech Features

Brand: Valeton

Model: MES4

Power Supply: 9V DC center negative (included)

Current Consumption: 140mA

Dimensions: 197(W) × 65(D) × 42(H) / 734” X 2916” X 158

Weight: 435g / 15.3oz


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Acustic Pedal

By: on 11 April 2024
Nice little unit. Fits into my guitar bag. Adds a little bit extra when you need it. The compressor works great to smooth things out. I have a crazy pick up on my guitar and the pre amp EQ fixes that. Great verb on it too.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with the item. Thank you so much for your review.

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