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Valeton Surge EP1 Volume and Wah Pedal

The Valeton Surge EP1 is a volume and wah pedal combined into a compact, solid, and lightweight metal enclosure, with a small footprint and clever controls. With just a single footswitch, you can quickly and easily switch between a smooth-sweeping volume control or a classic Wah, without messing with micro controls or switches.

LED indicators show which operation you are using, with red indicating Wah and green being Volume mode, and the pedal uses any standard 9V center negative power supply. 

The Tech Features:

Brand: Valeton

Model: EP1

Colour: Purple

Modes: Volume Control / Wah Mode

Input Impedance: 1m Ohms

Output Impedance: 100 Ohms

Power: 9v DC Center negative ; 22mA consumption

Dimensions:- 14.85 x 6.55 x 6.1cm / 578” X 2916” X 238

Weight: 250g / 8.8lbs


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By: on 1 September 2019
Believe it or not, this pedal is going on an orchestral tour of Europe next week. One piece the orchestra plays needs a solo played by an Erhu (Chinese classical violin). It has a very distinctive sound and with the help of my guitar pedals we managed to get a 200 year old German violin to sound like an Erhu. Problem was, in the middle of the solo the Erhu sound needs to disappear for 16 bars and the 200 year old violin needs to be heard. Enter the Surge pedal! it turns off the guitar pedals and turns them on 16 bars later. Works perfectly. Also works great as a wah on my rig

Valeton Surge EP1 Compact Volume and Wah Pedal

By: on 6 July 2019
Great wah pedal, very easy to use, very compact & sounds amazing . Very good value for money

Valeton Surge EP1 Compact Volume and Wah Pedal

By: on 2 June 2019
Nice little pedal at a compact price. Works well even though it is fairly small for my big feet. Seems to be well constructed even though it is lightweight. Does the job for me. It's my first attempt at using a wah so I'm still getting used to it. Heaps of fun though. :)


By: on 11 April 2018
Nice pedal, it does what it states. Bit noisy in wah mode, you definitely need a noise gate if running in front of it if running high gain.Apart from that, nothing really to fault, plastic chassis so not sure how it will hold up on the road, nice LED's to indicate volume or wah mode. Works with bass too and holds the lows.All up for what you pay, it's worth while and alot of fun.

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