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Artist Grungemaster Electric Guitar w/ P90 Pickups

Our Artist GRUNGEMASTER was purpose-designed here at Artist Guitars for playability and chunky tones. Whether you're a serious player looking for a new axe to gig with or just starting out and want to explore rock, blues, Grunge or Metal, the GRUNGEMASTER will undoubtedly take you there...

It comes with a Poplar body, Canadian Maple Neck with Eco-Rosewood fretboard and block-shaped Inlays, two 'P90' styled Single Coil Ceramic Bar Pickups with a 3-way selector, Chrome Tune-O-Matic bridge with a Stop-Tail-Bar for greater stability, and Vintage Covered Chrome Machine Head tuners.

The Tech Features

Body Material: Poplar with Basswood Veneer
Body Finish: White
Body Paint: Polyurethane
Body Construction: Solid

Neck Material:
 Canadian Maple
Neck Construction: One Piece​​​​​​​
Neck Joint: Bolt-On​​​​​​​
Neck Finish: Satin​​​​​​​
Neck Shape: 22mm C Profile​​​​​​​
Scale Length: 648mm / 25.5"​​​​​​​
Fretboard Material: Eco-Rosewood​​​​​​​
Fretboard Radius: 305mm​​​​​​​
Number of Frets: 21​​​​​​​
Fret Material: 18% Nickel​​​​​​​
Fret Size: Medium Jumbo​​​​​​​
Nut Material:​​​​​​​ ABS
Nut Width: 42mm​​​​​​​
Position Inlays: Pearloid Block Inlays​​​​​​​
Binding: White​​​​​​​
Side Dots: Black​​​​​​​
Truss Rod: Dual Action 2-Way

Bridge Pickup:
 Soap Bar P90 Single-Coil​​​​​​​
Middle Pickup: N/A​​​​​​​
Neck Pickup: Soap Bar P90 Single-Coil​​​​​​​
Switching: 3-Way Switch​​​​​​​
Configuration: SS​​​​​​​
Special Electronics: N/A

 Tune-o-matic with Stop-Bar Anchor​​​​​​​
Hardware Finish: Chrome​​​​​​​
Machine Heads: Vintage Style​​​​​​​
Pickguard: 3-Ply Tortoiseshell

Miscellaneous/Special Features
 Artist 10-46​​​​​​​
Weight: 3-3.5kg / 6.5-8lbs

Included Accessories:
 Instrument Cable, Truss Rod Adjustment Key, Bridge Adjustment Key, Picks​​​​​​​
Optional Accessories: REC300RC, REC350FTB, REC350BK


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Awesome guitar, only one thing missing...

By: on 29 May 2023
I got one of these a few years ago and used it to record a lot of my tunes, and it's still the best guitar I've played when it comes to the quality for the cash. The only thing missing is a version with the Jazzmaster vibrato bridge found on models like the CV 60s Jazzmaster for example.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for leaving this feedback. This definitely helps us in improving our products and services.

Smells like Alive Black-Hole Dirt

By: on 1 May 2023
I am beyond stoked with this guitar, I picked it up as a spare to keep in a different tuning and I have been playing more that my other three guitars that are all worth more than three times this low price-point (much to my surprise). The neck is comfortable, shipped with action low and the finish is gorgeous. Doesn’t quite sound like my PRS and isn’t as fast as my Jackson, but it has a great feel to it and it more than meets the requirements I purchased it for, ESPECIALLY for the low price. Very stoked!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the great review about the guitar. We are pleased to hear that you are enjoying playing it.

Awesome guitar

By: on 17 August 2022
When Artist advertised they were having a sale on this guitar I was first in line to get one..... but instead of one I brought 3 of them. As with all guitars , expensive or budget you need to do a setup right out of the box and these guitars were no different . The setup was easy with just a little neck relief and adjustment of the saddles and it was perfect with a lovely low action and no fret buzz or choking out with big bends. The tuning machines are pretty budget and not the best but this is not a $3000 guitar either so no real complaints from me , and there an easy swap out for something better. This guitar plays like butter and the pickups are punchy .... with minimal hum from the p90 style pups which you can eliminate with a noise gate no problems. The fret ends were great with no sharp edges. The quality control on artist guitars is great at least on their signature guitars. I have brought 4 guitars from Artist now and have had no complaints about any of them. I love artists return policy as there is no messing about , if you don't think the guitar is up to snuff you can return it for a full refund , and that's a big reason I decided to try them in the first place. A week before I brought the grungemasters I went to the rockshop in my town and brought a budget Kramer guitar which cost $279...... it is just cheap junk compared to the offerings I have brought from artist in fact there is no comparison in quality what so ever. And after I brought the Kramer and got it home the flaws stood out like dogs balls , and they would not take it back even when I pointed out the glaring faults with it...... it was pretty much un useable and rather than spend a few hundred $$$ getting it to a useable state I smashed the thing to bits with an axe to cut my losses.... I could not in good conscience sell the piece of junk on to some unsuspecting person. If you are looking for a good guitar at a good price you just cant go past artist guitars. And what a fantastic crowd to deal with..... many businesses could take lessons from artist about how to treat your customers...... they are absolutely top notch. I will be buying more of their offerings in future with no hesitation what so ever...... fantastic guitars and wonderful service. As for the grungemaster it has my full recommendation for beginners and pro's alike..... it's pretty hard to be disappointed by AWESOME

Artist Guitars Response
Wow, thanks so much for your amazing feedback! We are really glad to know that you love the Grungemaster. Your detailed feedback really gives our customers more info about this awesome guitar. We absolutely appreciate your continued support. Cheers!


By: on 16 August 2022
Well done Artist guitars, I bought the white grungemaster and l am very pleased with the quality . The guitar has great tone, There was a small paint mark on the front and side the guitar but not enough to warrant me to complain as the guitar is great ,p 90 pickups superb ,neck smooth with low enough action straight out of the box, plus vintage style the tuners keep the guitar in tune ! Excellent. Thinking about buying an Artist acoustic now.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks so much for the awesome feedback! We are so glad to know that you love the GM. We're always here to help if you have any questions.

disapointed about reviews

By: on 13 July 2022
while I have positive things to say about this guitar I think it's a waste of time writing a review..... Why..... because the reviews don't stay up on the web site..... even archived ..... there is no link to read more reviews....... so previous reviews I have written have gone. When I want to read reviews on a product I want to see them all , the good the bad and the ugly...... it's how I make my choice. This is not a review of the product this is a review of the reviews on your site and as such I don't want it published. What I would like is for all reviews to stay on the site so they can be read..... even if that review is 5 years old. The reviews are a good indicator of how you have improved or have declined over time so they are very important to customers like myself, or new customers that want to know about the quality of the instruments offered for sale. All im saying is don't shuffle the older reviews out the back door..... archive them and link to them from the reviews. I hope this suggestion will be taken into consideration. Thanks Steve W

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for your feedback and I am sorry about this inconvenience. The cause of this is due to a limitation in our system but we continue to strive to improve it.

P90 goodness

By: on 13 July 2022
The fret edges on mine are a bit sharp… but that’s the only negative on a really fantastic guitar — The set up was great out of the box, very playable and no fretting out on big bends. The weight and balance are perfect, the tuners hold against a fair bit of playing and the hardware is solid — The best thing are the P90s though. They are excellent, particularly the neck pickup. They are well balanced between having enough output push a fair amount overdrive while retaining clarity. They work particularly well with fuzz. For ‘hot’ blues, indie and - of course - grunge you can’t really go wrong.

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate your time to leave us feedback. I am stoked to hear that you love our Grungemaster.

Awesome Guitar

By: on 13 July 2022
I can't believe how good this guitar is considering the low low price. This is my second Artist guitar. Couldn't be happier

Artist Guitars Response
We are pleased to hear that you are happy with your purchase of your guitar. Thank you so much and we truly appreciate the review.

Love my guitar!!

By: on 4 January 2022
I am really happy with the quality and sound of this guitar!! Excellent value for money! I definitely would recommend this to others!

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for leaving the guitar a review. We really appreciate your recommendation.

Are you kidding?

By: on 21 October 2020
Decided to get this guitar. Give it a go. It’s amazing. It’s a really good guitar to play and it sounds great. I play it all the time now. Should have done this ages ago.

Great for the price

By: on 13 July 2019
I returned the first one sent out as it had some pretty rough fret edges and a little nick here and there (a "lemon" as they called it). The second one was great, esp. for the price. Everything on the body is great, the pickups are decent, the bridge is good. You will replace the strap buttons, though. The neck feels a little "cheapy" but it's done pretty well considering price. I filed the nut a bit and the tuners are average but they work ok and it stays in tune. The replacement one they sent had some "set up" problems. Just needed a bit more relief before lowering the action, etc. First one was fine. All in all worth the money for sure.

Second time success

By: on 3 March 2019
After seeing some great reviews for the 'Grunge master' guitar. I decided to give one a try. I've always loved the look of these and didn't have one. Delivery was made in a timely fashion (to Hobart can at time take a while). Sadly the guitar I received had a few too many issues that I wasn't comfortable with. I jumped onto the site and had a return label emailed to me within 10 minutes. An easy process to return the guitar and a replacement was sent out promptly to boot. After an hour of tinkering ( you can't expect a $249 guitar to be perfect), I had a cool looking instrument and have been playing it all week. While the process did have a setback, communication to and from Artist guitars was simple and timely. Thanks guys,I am having lots of fun with my new guitar.

Artist Grungemaster

By: on 9 February 2019
Probably the best $250 guitar you will find and I've played heaps over 30 years of playing. Was really happy with the setup and delivery was fast too.

JM Artist

By: on 10 January 2019
Bought this dirt cheap guitar that plays and feels AMAZING!!! These are my first P90s and HOLEEEE SHEET BATMAN.. they sound AMAZING!!!!! Thank you Artist. Great gear! Great service!

Wanted that single-coil sound

By: on 13 December 2018
And got it! Not only does it sound good, it looks damn cool.

Hey. This Artist "Grungemaster" is a go

By: on 9 November 2018
I've always liked the look and sound of the Fender Jazzmasters but they are way outside of my budget. This Artist 'Grungemaster' is a good copy and I like that it doesn't have the vibrato tailpiece and extra tone switches of the Jazzmaster. I like the solid tailpiece and bridge. More stable. The P90 style pickups sound great. The neck and fingerboard is excellent (I lowered the bridge and action a little). It looks and feels great and I like the white body with just a hint of gold sparkle. Classy. The sound variation between pickups is excellent, and there's very little hum for single pole pickups. Very happy with it. Great value and it looks, plays and sounds like a much more expensive model!

Value for Money

By: on 9 November 2018
Just received the grunge master after waiting for a restock. Wow. Quick set up, tune up and plugged it in. It's no Fender but for my eyes and ears it's a definite winner. Frets need a polish (minor issue) and a good set up when I get around to it will see this guitar play way better. P90s sound great. Never had them before in any guitar I've owned. Not a blemish, scratch or knock on the entire guitar. Do yourself a favour and buy this instrument. You won't regret it. Gnosis is next. Thank you artist guitars.


By: on 16 August 2018
Arrived super quick. Cool little fun guitar for the price. Sits between my Gretsch and my Mustang on the rack! The colour was not quite right, but I was offered a replacement or a discount. I took the discount as the colour didn't really affect performance. Quick response. Quick solution. Discount refunded into my account same day!


By: on 22 June 2018
I've got a large guitar collection and I can confidently say the grungemaster is my favourite to play. Excellent quality guitar, awesome to play and a very unique design. I would highly recommend artist guitars to any guitarist, beginner to professional.


By: on 25 January 2018
Beautiful looking, beautiful sounding guitar, sounds great through plenty of tones.

Great JM Plays great right out of the box

By: on 11 February 2016
The fit and finish on this guitar for the price is really good. The fret ends are above the binding but aren't sharp as I've seen on some Squier guitars. Mine came with a very tiny chip in the fretboard at the 6th fret which doesn't affect playability which I can live with, the superbly inlaid m.o.p. block inlays make up for it. The neck is straight with no buzzing strings or choking when bending even above the 12th fret which is impressive and the neck joint is tight with no gaps which again is very impressive. No laquer on the back of the neck which makes for smooth and fast playing, the machine heads are good quality and the Wilkinson P90 types sound great. No blemishes in the paintwork and a nicely finished pickquard which has been smoothed on the edges, so attention to detail has been made when assembling this guitar, nice. The fret board radius is quite flat, like on a Gibson LP and the frets are of the jumbo variety with plenty of meat on them. The only thing that would need to be upgraded on this quitar are the cheap volume and tone pots that have a very narrow range. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, fit and finish of this instrument and it sounds great too! Thanks guys.

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